he makes me smile.

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hi my name is christina & i'm sixteen years old.
i live in clifton & i'm going to be a junior.
i'm half italian and half chinese.
i like being very random, so you gotta get used to it.
i have my bellybutton & 2 holes in each ear peirced. i want another.
if you can make me laugh, you'll def. get along with me.
i'm into all types of music. cept country.
i love: the beach, taco bell, partying, shopping, laughing, etc.
i hate: liars, cheaters, girls in general, & the list goes on.
the worst things you can ever do to me is lie & cheat.
i wouldnt trade my friends for anything in the world.
TMT & TTK! i love yous.
i got a job...so, come visit me!
if you wanna know anythin else, ask.